1. Hi, I love your products and especially that you promote Jesus. He is our life our only life. As a respectful brotherly love, you will get more attention and sales if you make sure this web page is final and squared away. For example, you need to get photos of your products not a copier, and your comb photo is representing two catagories. This issue may be hindering your final sale rate. Thanks for your time brothers! If you need anything my email is … God bless!

    1. Thanks Jordan!
      We are still in the initial stages of getting everything up and going. We will soon have good pictures of our products and have things better organized! In fact we are in the middle of taking our product pictures right now. Thanks for the advice and keep living all out for Jesus!! Bless you!

  2. Love it! The New Spice scent from the balm and oil it’s my favorite! Barber Shop too! And spreading the word and the love of God at every one… awesome! God bless you guys! And keep doing this amazing product…

    1. Thanks Erick for the encouragement! We are Glad you like our products!
      God is Good! Hoping everyone that buys from us encounters Gods Love and realizes there need for Him!

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