Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope all of you had an amazing year! This year was an Awesome year for me! The the company finally took shape and got of the ground Along with so many other things, its truly been amazing! God is so good! Ive had some great advances with my relationship with Jesus, growing deeper with Him and being able to trust Him through the thick in thin has been Amazing! I want to encourage you guys to to Make Him Lord and Savoir of your life! He’s worth dying for and He first died for you because He wanted to see you set free from all the guilt, shame, condemnation, lack of hope, lack of peace this world brings. He wants you Free from every Bad thing and to have a relationship with Him! So lets not forget the reason for the season! Make Him Lord and Savoir of your life today 🙂

2017 was Great! 2018 is going to be better! I’m going to make a bigger impact for Jesus and Love on More People then last year! I’m going to keep my Heart Soft and pliable and let God shape me into Christ in all things! I’m going to step out and believe Him for more and more! Not get comfortable not get complacent! Stay hungry but yet Full, Press on for more but yet satisfied in Him! This is how I’m going to live my Life! Not going to second guess, not going to wonder what if I laid it all down! I only pass through here once and History does not regard the timid, So lets be bold about this thing and  leave a Legacy and give them something to talk about!

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