New for 2018

Thanks to all that have bought from us so far!!! Its been an amazing start to this business and really excited for some new products that we plan on releasing this year!!!! First of which is *drum roll*….  Mustache wax! Yep we are coming out shortly with a wax that will help you tame those wiskers and be strong and stiff enough to get those good defined handle bars! And for the second product, well… You will have to wait and see. I can say that it is alot more complex than mustache wax, for that reason I cant say exactly when it will be launched but I believe this spring! Until then keep being shiny for Jesus! Go and bless someone today!  God Is Good and wants to bless people through You! I’m reminded of a couple weeks ago me and  my brother where in the grocery store and seen someone limping real bad and in pain, so instead of walking by we stopped and ask what was wrong, He said He had arthritis real bad. He was probably only around 40 years old but he agreed to let us pray for him. So we prayed once, asked him if the pain was better, he said it was still the same, so we prayed again believing and standing for his Complete Healing! In talking we found out that he believes in Jesus and In the end he thanked us and told us to have a great day. There are opportunities all around us everyday to bless and encourage people, So lets step out and be love to someone today! 🙂

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